Creative Adventure with Christi Friesen!! 17-19 May 2019


Christi Friesen is starting her 2019 European tour from Cyprus in May 2019! So if you are interested in twisting and cranking your creative disorders with her, start getting ready!!

The Creative Adventure begins on Friday, 17th of May with a Creative Juices Tour at the Kourion archaeological site.  We can study the mosaics at the house of Eustolios and get our creative juices running for Christi’s Mosaics workshop. Speaking of juices, we could also have some fun visiting a winery at Omodos village to taste some Cypriot vinos and a local tavern for some Cypriot treats!!

[The day will be finalised depending on the number of participants – additional fees may apply*]

Saturday, the 18th of May the adventure continues and we dive into the deep with a full day of Christi teaching her incredible class on Polymer and Mixed Media Mosaic Explorations.

And on the final day Sunday, 19th of May we will delve in the bizarre and creative world of Christi’s Artful Vessels.

At nights we will get all adventurous and excited for outings in the city of Limassol and enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the old town, the local cuisine and have lots of fun!

Class descriptions:


Polymer & Mixed Media Mosaic exploration

In this workshop we will explore creating sculptural mosaics from polymer clay and incorporating those elements into a more traditional mosaic setting. You will create basic forms from polymer and cover it with hand-cut tiles made from polymer sheets and veneers. You will play with textures, surface treatments and other tricks to make your sculptural form intricate and sophisticated. You will combine the sculptural form with a mosaic composition where you will learn about substrates and adhesives and all the many things that can be added to make a rich and varied mixed media design.

  • This workshop is open to all skill levels.
  • Most materials will be provided.


Artful Vessels

In this workshop we will explore creating art vessels from polymer clay using bases and armatures. You will learn how to create forms and extensions to add interest to your vibrant and original art vessel. Emphasis will be on design and form-building as well as creating clay blends, using surface treatments and textural elements as well as adding beads and other embellishments. You will combine sculptural techniques and decoration tricks to create a unique art piece.

  • This workshop is open to all skill levels.
  • Most materials will be provided.

For any additional tools or materials that might be needed you will be notified in advance.


If you have not visited Cyprus yet, then this is your chance to see the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility… An island that has literally risen from the depths of the sea just like its goddess who protects it. A Mediterranean gem to many kings’ and queen’s crowns throughout its long history…

Limasol is the second biggest city on the island located on the southern coast. Known since the ancient times as the kingdom of Amathous. Located very near to Kolossi village, which is known as the place where the crusader knights had their commanding post and the ancient city of Kourion.

Be prepared to see a city full of diverse images of the old and the new combined! A city where the party runs through the blood of the inhabitants and the carnival is celebrated there as nowhere else on the island. A place where the Cypriot Filoxenia [filos=friend +xenos=foreigner] (hospitality) is evident and the cuisine is thriving!

The workshop will take place at the newly renovated Pefkos City Hotel in Limasol, Cyprus and at very good prices too!

Registration and Terms of Payment

The fees for the Creative Adventure with Christi Friesen will cost €260.00 per person. This fee includes coffee breaks, lunch, workshop instruction and materials.

If some of you can only attend one of the workshops, then the fee will cost €150.00 per person.

Also at the venue you will have the choice to either rent a pasta machine for €10.00 or buy a brand new one for €20.00

The cost for the Friday’s Creative Juices Tour will be announced according to the number of participants. Participation in the Tour should be paid by the end of March 2019. The price for the tour will approximately be €50,00 but it will include private bus transfer, entrance fees to the archaeological site, winery tour and lunch.

To participate at the event, it is necessary to complete the registration form. The number of seats is limited. Please send an email to to get your participation form.

Your registration for the event will be confirmed after the payment of the first instalment, 7 days after your registration form is submitted, by bank transfer.

Participation will be confirmed upon receipt of the total amount. The second instalment should be paid by 31 December 2018.

For registration at a single event the payment should be made in full in one instalment, 7 days after your registration form is submitted, by bank transfer.


Accommodation is not included in the price of the workshop. If you want to book a room you can call the “Pefkos City Hotel” (+357 25660066) and mention that you will participate in the “Creative Adventure 2019”; or you can use the online hotel booking site. They have reserved a special price for us, so if you are booking online please use the code “Creative Adventure 2019”. Please confirm your reservations by the end of February 2019

  Standard Room Superior Room
Single      €55,00      €65,00
Double      €33,00      €38,00
Triple      €31,00      €36,00

*bed & breakfast and all taxes included

If you will be visiting Cyprus with a person that does not want to attend to the workshops, but wants to join us for lunch, the additional price is €15.00 per person.


By completing this form, you acknowledge that you attend the event at your own risk and that any personal details you provide will only be used for the purposes of contacting you for the Creative Adventure event.

The organisers of this workshop cannot be held liable for transport delays, nonattendance, personal accidents or loss of property. We will hold your registration details electronically; they will only be used for the event and will not be disclosed to any third party.

The Creative Adventure 2019 will be held provided there is a minimum number of 15 participants. If not more than 15 participants express interest by the 20th of December 2018, you will be refunded in full of the received payment. We reserve the right to make changes on the programme in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

For more information please contact us at


Until next time

Be good to one another



#HeartArt Attack!!

Love conquers all… All you need is Love… Love is Blind… Love is unselfish… Love does not judge… Love is crazy, mad, wonderful… Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

In our case Love is creative!! Today I decided to keep up with my artist of this month, my dear Christi Friesen and I will prompt you all to visit the Christi’s Creative Neighborhood group on Facebook and febwhatshapningenjoy the most creative Heart Attack ever!! So many talented creators, artists, makers! All of this inspiration and love for polymer!

Back in The Circle (the paid membership side of the Neighborhood) the theme of February is “All You Need is Love” and so Christi decided she would announce a contest!

And the contest goes like this: Go to the Neighborhood (on FB) and post a picture of any kind of HEART ART  made by any kind of  material  and at the end of the month THREE random lucky ones will win one of Christi’s texture sheets named ‘HeartZ‘!!

So go post your own image on the page of Christi’s Creative Neighborhood group on Facebook and add the #heartArt. Using the # hashtag helps others find your work!

Here is a small sample of some of the posts and their creators!!

Firstly some of Christi’s own creations! Artful and whimsical, baroque and steampunk, romantic and stylish however you call them they are but just beautiful! I am the proud owner of two of her hearts and I adore them!!


How about  these gorgeous heart pendants, made of  resin  by Leila Bidler? It is a series of six in rainbow colours. Don’t they look fantastic?


Don’t tell me there is someone of you polymer clayers out there that doesn’t love the mokume gane technique!  This is Dani Rapinett of The Whimsical Bead all the way from “down under” with these loving beads in purple pink and gold!


This colourful translucent trio is the creation of the Oklahoma based Michele Hinchey. Her favorite quote is about love of course!

“Love look not with the eyes but with the mind and therefor is winged Cupid painted blind” Shakespeare

On the other hand, Lilian George makes voodoo dolls from recycled materials called “Gnarfles” and they also inspire her line of valentine cards! Now tell me how cute are these little dudes?


Rita Hammock calls this piece ‘Where do broken hearts go, Well they go over the rainbow’ it is worked with wool strips. She worked on this piece while working through her grief over the terrible event of ‘The Pulse’ nightclub shooting.


Now let’s get real with the work of Amy K Hucks, literally!

She made this hand sculpted heart from pictures. It was made for a hard surgeon… of course!


How about some wall art?

This is the work of the italian Ilenia Moreni!

With a bit of ‘love and devotion’, polymer clay, some Swellegant, linen fabric and brass chains this heart is ready!!

She is also a fellow blogger!

And here is where I am going to put an end to this post! Any more hearts and I will get a #HeartArt Attack! 🙂  Now go to Christi’s Creative Neighborhood group and get your own!

Until the next time, be good to one another!



Εισαγωγικές σκέψεις για τη σελίδα και τις διαταραχές που κατατρέχουν το δημιουργικό μας κόσμο!


Πάντα πίστευα πως το να δημιουργείς είναι ανθρώπινη ανάγκη. Μια ανάγκη που την ικανοποιούμε με χίλιους διαφορετικούς τρόπους καθημερινά και ας μην το αναγνωρίζουμε.

Δημιουργούμε σύνολα από ρούχα το πρωί που ετοιμαζόμαστε για δουλειά, δημιουργούμε μενού το βράδυ που μαγειρεύουμε για μας και για την οικογένεια μας, δημιουργούμε ανθοσυνθέσεις όταν τοποθετούμε λουλούδια στο βάζο, δημιουργούμε φωτογραφικά πορτρέτα όταν βγάζουμε μια selfie με την κολλητή μας, δημιουργούμε λογοτεχνικό λόγο όταν λέμε ένα παραμύθι σε ένα παιδί…

Όσο ερασιτεχνικά και καθημερινά και να ακούγονται όλα αυτά αν τα καλοσκεφτούμε είναι οι δημιουργίες της καθημερινότητας μας. Όλοι είμαστε δημιουργοί σε κάποιο βαθμό. Αναπτυσσόμαστε και μαθαίνουμε τον κόσμο από παιδιά με αυτό τον τρόπο… Δημιουργούμε κάστρα με τουβλάκια και πρίγκιπες με τη φαντασία, ουράνια τόξα με νερομπογιές και μαγικά φίλτρα στην κουζίνα παιχνίδι…

Μεγαλώνοντας όμως αυτή τη μαγεία της δημιουργίας κάπου την χάνουμε… Μας την στερεύουν στα σχολεία με την ατέλειωτη ύλη μαθημάτων; Μας την εξαντλούν στη δουλειά με τα τρελά ωράρια; Μας απομένουν μόνο αυτές οι μικρές καθημερινές δημιουργικές στιγμές που όμως περνούν απαρατήρητες αφού χάνονται μέσα στη ρουτίνα μας…

Για όλους τους πιο πάνω λόγους αποφάσισα να αφιερώνω λίγο από το χρόνο μου και να γράφω σε αυτή τη σελίδα… Αποφάσισα να διαταράξω λίγο αυτή τη ρουτίνα και να μοιραστώ με όποιον ενδιαφέρεται εκεί έξω τις δικές μου δημιουργικές ανησυχίες, αλλά και τις δημιουργίες άλλων ανθρώπων στον πλανήτη που νιώθουν έντονη την ανάγκη της δημιουργίας.



Μιλώντας με κάποιες φίλες τους ανέφερα το όνομα που αποφάσισα να δώσω στη σελίδα αυτή “Δημιουργικές Διαταραχές” … Νοσηλεύτριες και οι δύο στο επάγγελμα αμέσως με συνέδεσαν με τη δική τους δημιουργική εγκεφαλική διεργασία και μου είπαν με δυο λόγια πως είμαι για δέσιμο… αλλά χωρίς λίγη τρέλα πώς να σπάσεις τα κουτιά και να δημιουργήσεις… και από την άλλη το «δείξε μου τον φίλο σου…» το έχετε ακουστά; Εσείς τι πιστεύετε; Θα ήθελα να ακούσω τις απόψεις σας πιο κάτω στα σχόλια!

Προειδοποιώ τους αναγνώστες πως θα αναφέρομαι συχνά σε δημιουργίες από πολυμερή πηλό, σε κοσμήματα και κατασκευές για το σπίτι, κάποτε – κάποτε σε αγαπημένες συνταγές, σε διάφορες εκδηλώσεις αλλά και εθελοντικές δραστηριότητες, σε ταξίδια όποτε μου δίνεται η ευκαιρία… Eπίσης θα αφιερώνω και χρόνο για να συναντούμε άλλους δημιουργούς είτε εκ του σύνεγγυς είτε από μακριά. Θα εξερευνούμε υλικά και τεχνικές και μαγαζάκια…

Εύχομαι να κάνουμε καλή παρέα!

Μέχρι νεωτέρας λοιπόν, να ‘στε καλοί με τον κόσμο!