In English…

Well after consideration I decided that if I am going to write this blog I am going to have to write in English as well.

My latest post was about sharing what kept me company during two weeks of recovery from a gastroenteritis virus that manager to send me to the ER, twice!

I never used to follow the US elections, but this year has provided the world with very interesting campaigns. Both hilarious and frightening I might add.

So all this days I spend at home Donna Greenberg‘s “Styling of Hillary in Polymer” has been the highlight of my days. She came up with the idea of styling her favorite candidate with her own creations. Hillary is known for her monochrome power suits and a little oomph is just what she needs!

I found this to be a great marketing idea! Both in promoting her favorite candidate in a way her campaign managers never thought of and also in reminding us of her own beautiful work!

She started 18 days before the elections and today at day 9 she has already cooked up 10 different styles. Here are some snapshots from her page on facebook along with her own comments!

Till the next time, and in the words of my favorite Ellen, be good to one another!


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