March report!

Hey dear friends!

I haven’t been posting at all lately but let me tell you I have been very busy indeed!! As I mentioned in my “about me” section I don’t love my job but it sustains my living and passions… Well this time it offered to me an experience of a lifetime!

I was presented with the opportunity to visit Brussels through an Erasmus+ program for Public Administration. It was a full two-week program with presentations from various EU organizations and European Commission DG’s. It also included the group’s visit to Luxembourg and the Court of Justice of the EU and the Court of Auditors and of course the grand visit to Strasbourg and the amazing building of the parliament!

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A blast of information, images, faces, names, places… and don’t let me forget about the lovely food and the chocolate, the waffles… and the beers, don’t forget the beers… This program gave me the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from all over Europe and perhaps made friends for a lifetime… An overall once in a lifetime experience that the universe blessed me with!

And for my luck in weather conditions, while the program lasted we enjoyed brilliant, sunny, spring days in Brussels where in Cyprus the weather was gloomy and raining!!

I also had the chance to visit some museums and exhibitions and enjoy the local architecture and food culture!

I love multicultural groups, and cities like Brussels can offer that and more. Being in multicultural environments is what pushed me to involve myself on a volunteer base with the N.G.O. PlanBe, plan it be it and work with youth programs.  But let me tell you the Erasmus+ umbrella covers programs for all ages and purposes. As European citizens, we should all at least once involve ourselves in the process and participate. It is a unique and rewarding experience for all…

Next step Erasmus+ programs for adults…


Until the next time… Be good to one another!


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