What we take with us in life are our life stories. The ones that had the biggest impact on our psyches are the ones that created our characters and gave us all the graces and complexes we carry around. What were your origins? When this bug of creation did first overcame you? Who was the instigator or the benefactor of your addiction to making? How this creative disorder did began for each and every one of us? And wouldn’t you like to know the origins’ story of one of our favorite artist, instructor and inspiration? Today I give you Christi Friesen!

Here,  the amazing Christi Friesen is sharing her story on an inspiring monologue video by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads called Behind the Clay published on Nov 2, 2015. The editor prologues the video with the following statement: “Christi Friesen is driven by an enjoyment of creativity. She considers herself lucky to make a living amusing herself and others with polymer creations. This is her, speaking about how she managed to focus her artistic excitement”.

cfaboutphotoChristi Friesen is a world known artist in mixed media. Polymer clay has given her a way of speaking her own language and creating her own magical worlds! Her work has been showcased in exhibitions and publications. She is an author on her own right too! With a fluent and humoristic way, she helps you move through the pages of her books wide-eyed. She is positive and fun and hilarious! And also remember, she adorrrrrres chocolate!

I haven’t had the chance to attend one of her workshops yet! But I have met her at the first Euro Synergy in Malta back in 2014. She gave me a one to one demo of her tools and also she walked me through the use of her product called Swellegant©. Anyone can meet her on her workshops, as she travels the world spreading her joy of life and amuses us through her work.

But you see she is not just an incredible artist and a fun, chocolate loving creature she is also a giver and sharer. She saw her own need of great tools that did not exist for all the polymer clayers that like to sculpt and she created them! She made all the effort and research and she found the right people to work with and made the tools. Her “Bestest Sculpting Tools Ever” are made of stainless steel, are hand finished and well balanced. Everything that we all needed and we all want, I assure you!

What’s more her fascination with nature, which we can see in all of her work, stirred her mind into materials like silver and iron and copper. She studied their natural properties and she imagined them combined with clay and other materials that don’t possess such properties. And that’s what Swellegant© is, a line of metal coatings, patinas and Dye Oxides(colorings) that will transform your creations into old, rusted, metal ones!

On her side you can also find an eclectic selection of products and tools, either her own brand or by other artists and affiliated companies that are not always easy to find. Also check out the “On Sale” because you can always find brilliant deals!

Last but not least I have to make a reference to the Neighborhood! Christi’s Creative Neighborhood is a place that each month all the members explore a new idea, enjoy her creative nudgings and meet another artist that collaborates with her. Also all the members benefit from special bargains on the Neighborhood shop.

For more inspiration by Christi take a stroll on her Archive Pinterest board with a selection from her body of work.

What a character she is! I promise you her videos are addictive, just because she is so funny and giving and extravagant!

So ’till the next time, be good to one another!



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